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lili cai

Diary (2) 
Location:, 444, Bangladesh
Home Location:,
Professional Status: Business owner
Looking For: People to employ, employment, business contacts
Occupation: operating system)
Skills: 1. Ability to use one or several input methods to input text. 2. Be proficient in WORD layout, EXCEL spreadsheet, POWERPOINT slide production and other operations. 3. Can be very familiar with the basic operations (operating system), management of files and application programs of microcomputers. 4. Internet and its applications: familiar with the use of IE browser; the use of search engines; the use of download tools; the sending and receiving of emails; the access and search of FTP sites; the use of FTP software; the use of instant messaging software 1. Familiar with computer software development and use of common tool software. 2. Master the basic knowledge of the database and be familiar with the characteristics of the database management system. Can develop a practical database application system. 3. Proficiency in one or more programming languages, such as Java and C #, to develop simple application software. 3. Computer network direction 1. Use computers and related external devices to connect to the Internet and communicate through the Internet to obtain information, publish information, publish electronic information, create WWW virtual sites, create intranets (intranets), etc. A range of work skills. 2. Computer Group
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